Message Defence Features

State of the art Managed Email Security Solutions with 'learning' capabilities
There are many managed email security solutions to choose from, but only Message Defence has the following features as standard;

  • A Learning System:
Message Defence is a fully-automatic managed service. By 'learning' the traits of spam, and the basic rules that make up a spam Email, Message Defence is continually updating to protect against Email borne threats.

  • Automatic Updates:
Message Defence stays ahead of the spam game by being updated with spam definitions every hour, by a 3rd party team of engineers who monitor the internet round the clock for trends in spam and viruses.

  • Message Defence:
Email borne threats have the potential to cripple your network. Message Defence utilizes the following protections to ensure your Email server is fully protected against threats made to it.

  • Anti Spam:
Our algorithms and methods used in our spam firewall are among the most comprehensive and advanced in the industry for detection and filtration of spam

  • Anti Virus:
Unlike many other managed email security solutions, Message Defence provides complete virus protection through file type blocking, decompression of archives and dual layer virus blocking.

  • Anti Spoofing:
Message Defence prevents delivery of Emails using a forged or 'spoof' sender address, a common trait in unsolicited Email.

  • Anti Phishing:
The Message Defence spam firewall ensures robust protection against Phishing, a method used by spammers to gather confidential and personal information about organizations and individuals for fraud.
  • Anti Spyware (attachments):
Anti Spyware (attachments): Each and every Email attachment is scanned for Spyware executables, eliminating any found immediately.

  • Denial of Service (DoS) Protection:
Message Defence employs the use of Rate Controls to automatically stop DoS attacks and dictionary-based spam attacks.

  • Setup In Minutes:
Message Defence can be set up in minutes as there is no hardware or software to install or configure, and no modifications are required to your existing Email systems. Monitoring and maintenance is all handled by your systems administrator, using an intuitive web interface included with Message Defence.

  • Easy To Use:
Message Defence is unlike many other managed email security solutions, as it allows staff with no IT knowledge to manage quarantined Emails and Spam definitions.
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